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Garage Door Maintenance

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Garage doors have over 300 moving parts which require periodic maintenance. Regular maintenance of your door will ensure that these parts work properly. This will save you from any future inconveniences, and even add years to your doors life.

In Kansas City, Kansas City Home Garage Doors is well known for our qualified technicians who will make sure that all your door repairs are taken care of. We offer all types of garage door repair services including replacement & maintenance of your door’s parts. Our services are comprehensive and we serve residential, and industrial sectors. We also store and use the most advanced and superior products and also provide comprehensive guarantees. We also provide you with maintenance services to keep your door perfectly working.

Inspecting moving parts

Proper maintenance will always begin with an inspection of all the moving hardware. We look for any signs of wear and tear. The parts we usually inspect are the springs, cables, rollers and all moving hardware. Damages, if any found during the process are duly fixed.

Door balance test

In case your door uses an automatic opener system, we will test how stable the balance is to avoid damaging the door opener. We will close the door and disconnect the opener to lift the door manually. It should lift smoothly with little resistance and should remain fully open. If it is difficult to open the door, it may be out of balance and we will service it for you.

Lubrication of moving parts

Occasional lubrication will be required on the moving parts of the garage door. The rollers and the hinges will be lubricated. We apply only as much lubricant as required because too much of it will attract dirt that will clog the work. This is necessary to ensure that the door does not emit unnecessary noise when operated.

Photo eye test

All door openers have a photo eye installed for safety reasons in order to prevent entrapment. If your system lacks the feature, we will replace it with an automatic one. We will use an object to block the photo eye and would also switch off the system. We will also ensure the photo sensor is mounted not higher than six inches off the floor.

Force setting

It is important to check the force setting of the door opener. It is done by holding the door’s lower part as it closes. If it does not promptly reserve, then the force is too much and will require some adjustments. Our experts will carry out the adjustments and fine tune the force sensitivity.

Servicing the springs and cables

It would be necessary for the tension springs to be at a perfect level. The springs will always lose tension with time, making the door hard to operate or can even result in the door to completely stop working. We will have them inspected and get them back working. We will also check for any wear or corrosion of the cables and service them as required. The cables work under specific tensions and we will replace them correctly.

Maintenance of your garage door is critical to ensure its smooth, quiet and reliable operation. We will make you understand how important it is since it will save you enormous repair costs. Contact Kansas City Home Garage Doors for maintenance and other services.

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