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Tips to Replace Weather Stripping When It Fails to Stop Water from Garage Doors - Kansas City Home Garage Doors

Posted on 2016-03-18 by Author admin

The weather stripping includes elaborate strips that circle the edges of the garage door. This stripping acts as a barrier against rain, dust and other particles from getting into the garage. Weather stripping is therefore vital to protecting the equipment and machinery in the garage and garage door opener.

The experience of water sneaking into your garage through the door when the weather stripping fails can be quite a discomfiting one. The water leaks can cause untold damages and losses to your equipment and machinery. Fortunately, that are easy tips of replacing the weather stripping to stop these leaks.

Tips to Replace Weather Stripping When It Fails to Stop Water from Garage Doors?

These are the steps to be followed when replacing the weather stripping for your garage.

1. Assembling The Requisite Materials

For this exercise, you will need a caulking weapon, a container of silicone seal, a pry bar, sledge and an assortment of nails. Also, you will need a hand sweeper and a scrubber for cleaning out the surface and removing out the dirt and dust particles that have formed on the door. Moreover, you will also require a stepping stool to attain the highest point of the garage.

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2. Removing The Old Weather Stripping

By utilizing a pry bar and a sledge, remove the old weather stripping. Carefully, slide the pry bar under the weather strip. Then deftly, tap the bar with a mallet to remove the strip.

3. Cleaning The Edges Of The Garage Door

Using a hand sweeper and a scrubber, clean the edges of the garage door. This is to prepare the surface for effective sticking of the sealant.

4. Applying The Sealant

Use a caulking weapon to apply the sealant. Touches of the sealant should be applied along one of the weather strips. Care should be taken to ensure event application of the sealant along all the edges of the weather strip.

5. Attaching The Weather Stripping

Align the weather stripping close to the garage door and carefully press it against door outline. Next verify that the strip is aligned to the edges by holding the elastic seal against the door. Lastly, nail the weather stripping at the top, bottom and center to ensure it stays in position when the sealant dries up.

6. Verifying The Alignment Of The Weather Stripping

The last step is to verify that the weather stripping is properly aligned with the edge of the door along the entire top. When this is so, nail its corners to ensure it stays in position. While in this position, apply more sealant along the edges where there are breaks. This is to achieve a smooth look and a perfect sealing action.

Professionally fixed weather stripping are quite durable. Therefore, you don’t need to keep on postponing fixing your faulty strip. The inconvenience of cleaning the garage each time it rains and the high cost of energy due to poor insulation are the exorbitant prices that you have to meet with a faulty weatherstripping. So why not take up this opportunity and have us fix for that damaged garage door weather stripping?

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