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How to Replace Broken Garage Door Spring - Kansas City Home Garage Doors

Posted on 2016-03-21 by Author admin

The springs are an essential constituent of the garage door which aid in lowering and lifting of the gate to the garage. Once the springs break due to wear and tear as well as inclement weather, they need to be replaced immediately. Replacing the springs to the garage door is risky for the springs are usually under pressure. If you neither employ proper tools nor adhere to the safe procedures, you could end up losing your limbs, hands, and sometimes your life. You can also damage property. It is for this reason that the work should be left to the experts.

Replacing the Garage Door Springs

Here are the steps of How to Replace Broken Garage Door Spring Close the garage door and unplug the opener’s power cord. If the opener is hardwired, flip the circuit breaker or remove the fuse. Assemble the tools required in changing the springs. These tools include the new springs, at least two-ten-inch vise grips, adjustable wrench, two winding bars, sturdy ladder, rag, sockets, and socket wrench. Obtain the measurements of both the old and new springs. Measure both of them to ensure they have matching sizes. When obtaining the measurements, avoid touching the winding conduits on the spring ends. Measure the lengths of the new spring, its diameter, and the number of coils to establish the sizes of the wire.

Mark the torsion shaft

While the cables are still tightly attached on the drums, make marks on the torsion shaft and the drums on either end using a marking pen or a file. These marks will be of use when levelling the door to the garage after installing the new springs.

Unwind the old springs

Fit the bar correctly into one of the openings of the cone. Ensure there is a clicking sound produced when the bar strikes the core. While holding the new end of the bar actively, use an open- ended wrench to loosen the set screws. Upon loosening a setscrew, maintain a single bar in the hole of the cone all through until the spring unwinds completely. Once the cone is let go of the shaft, drop the bar and allow it to rest on the top part of the garage door. Fit the next bar into the other hole. And while holding a bar in each hand, elevate the rear part of the second bar to a height enough to remove the initial block from the cone. Just like the first bar, lower and rest the second bar on the top part of the door to the garage. Perform the two phases once again till the spring unwinds completely.

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Loosen the torsion Hardware

The twin bolts that hold the cones to the spring bracket are loosened and removed. Then remove the torsion springs by sliding them out of the upper part of the door headed for the cable drums. The cable drum’s setscrews should be loosened. There after taking out the cable from the drum.

Replace the Springs

Begin by gliding the drum from the plate of the bearing. The cone which has a larger opening marks the rear part that is stationary, and it usually goes on first. Slither the rear part of the winding cone over the rear part of the shaft.

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