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Get Away with Garage Door Opener Grinding Noise? - Kansas

Posted on 2016-02-23 by Author admin

Are you at your wits end because of the rattling, grinding, and squeaking of your garage door opener? Guess what, that noisy garage door is not going to help you build happy relationships with other members of your family and your neighbors, especially if you have to leave early for work.

Luckily for you, those annoying grinding noise of your garage door opener can be get away with just a few quick fixes and frequent maintenance routines. In fact, you can fix the garage door opener grinding noise yourself.

So, what causes Garage Door Opener Grinding Noise?

Your garage door is made up of several components such as garage door cables, rollers, pulleys, springs, and hinges. If anyone of these components does not function properly as they were meant to, it can cause your garage door opener to make grinding noise. Some of the problems could be easily fixed, however, the more complex ones will need a help from a professional garage door opener repair company.

Here are few DIY tips to get way with Garage Door Opener Grinding Noise:

1) Re-tighten all the nuts and bolts

Over time, as you open and close your garage doors daily, some of the nuts and bolts may have worked loose. A quick tightening of these parts may prevent your garage door from making a grinding noise. Using a socket set or a wrench, check all your garage door nuts and bolts and tighten them if required.

2) Fix, Lubricate, or Replace Garage Door Rollers

If re-tightening of all the nuts and bolts does not fix the grinding noise of your garage door, maybe it is the rollers. Try opening and shutting the garage doors while inspecting them to see if you can identify if the rollers are the cause of the problem.

Rollers are made either from metal or nylon. If they are worn, it will definitely make a squeaky noise. If the rollers do appear to be worn out, maybe you need to replace it to prevent the grinding noise. However, if the rollers appear to be in good shape, then you may have to lubricate it. So, go ahead and grab a metal lubricant and blast a good squirt of it on the rollers and solve the grinding noise coming out of your garage doors.

On the other hand, if your garage door rollers need replacing, opt for metal rollers over nylon ones as they are considered to be much quieter. If you are living in Kansas City, to change garage door rollers, call a garage door opener repair company in Kansas City. Do not try to replace rollers by yourself, especially the ones that are installed in the bottom.

3) Fix or Replace Garage Door Springs

There are two types of garage door springs: extension springs and torsion springs. The first type, or the extension springs, is found above the upper tracks on both sides of the garage door. The second type, of the torsion springs is located just above the closed door. It is the second type that you should be extra careful with as they are under high tension. If either of the torsion springs is broken, we highly recommend that you immediately call a garage door opener repair company in Kansas City(for Kansas City locals).

If the springs are making squeaking or tiny clanging sound, blasting a spray metal lubricant or applying a small amount of motor oil should do the trick.

4) Replace the Hinge

The hinges on an old garage doors can become worn. The roller stem usually begins to wear that causes noise when in operation. So, move your garage door side to side to inspect the hinges for wear. If everything is fine, maybe you need just lubricate these parts and that should help.

5) Call a Garage Door Repair Company in Kansas City

If you do not have time, then make sure you hire a certified, well-trained, and professional garage door repair company in Kansas City(if you reside in Kansas City). Their staffs can visit your site and perform an annual garage door inspection and fix it. Frequent maintenance of your garage door is not just only inexpensive, but it will also secure the safety and reliability of your garage door for a long run.

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